Bitstamp Earn Lending: May 2024 Performance Report

We’re here to share the key findings from our May 2024 Lending Performance Report for Bitstamp Earn Lending. This report is packed with valuable data and insights for anyone interested in the world of crypto lending.In partnership with Tesseract, we’ve put together a report that clearly outlines how Bitstamp's lending product has performed. It sheds light on the strengths and strategies of our Earn Lending product. No matter your level of involvement, you'll find the insights useful.What's inside in the report?Our report provides a detailed look at Bitstamp's Earn Lending service. You’ll find information on overall growth, active loans, asset distribution, and liquidity buffers. We also break down the collateral levels for each asset and offer an analysis of the financial health of borrowers with a focus on debt-to-equity ratios.We believe in keeping things clear and straightforward. Our Monthly Performance Reports give you a transparent view of our product's performance and the risks involved.Get the insights that shape successful lending strategies:Download the May 2024 Lending Report now* The availability of Bitstamp Earn Lending depends on many considerations, including the entity to which you are onboarded and the jurisdiction where you reside. Lending is not available in the US, UK, and Singapore.

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